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24 Jun 2024

All About That Energy Blog

Originally from the farm table in Matt and Katie’s kitchen, That Energy Blog (TEB) emanated from a swirling of ideas, children, and pups. The sheer amount of information in home energy efficiency is impressive (and even more so if we consider innovation over time). However, despite improved accessibility, quantity, and quality, this information is spread across a webosphere of bias. No appreciable compendium of thoughts is gathered for the benefit of the modern conscious buyer, builder, or bureaucrat.

TEB, by way of a letter-writing form and manner, will guide us through some of the most unnecessarily complicated and inappropriately simplistic subject matter in home efficiency today, with a healthy respect for our history and that of the science. The approach will be simple: We will connect through letters and comments on an introductory basis. As our interest grows in a topic so shall the depth to which we will discuss it. Asking the best questions will define the quality of our research and form the basis of a rich conversation.

Every topic discussed will address the selection, purchase, installation, and maintenance of any machinery, material, or process. Investing in your home is not cheap, in spirit or by monetary cost. If each understands the other: the homeowner; the HVAC technician; the window salesperson, a level of accountability and cooperation can be introduced into the manufacturing, construction, and renovation industries, that otherwise have always been at odds.

TEB isn’t in the business of selling anything but information – and to that end, we endeavour to bowl straight down the center without leaning left nor right – as to stay out of the gutter.

Thank you for reading your newest letters on thatenergyblog.com and we hope to chat with you next week.

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